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Hannah Janßen

Chairman of the Board


21 Jahre

studies primary school teaching at the University of Hildesheim

My Motivation

Pure chance determines the life situation into which one is born. The fact that countless people have no access to clean water or education is unbearable. So few have the chance to improve their circumstances. And unfairly, this is largely due to the global contexts from which we benefit here while others are exploited. For this reason, as a privileged person, I want to support disadvantaged children with the means at my disposal.

Working with Antonio and Eric and sharing this vision together is, for me, the best thing that could have happened in this regard. Antonio's and Eric's determination to work for the children in their home country continues to inspire me. So it was clear for me to join them and contribute in the best possible way to the implementation of the children's right to education.

My Qualification

As active members of the association in Germany, we are faced with different tasks and challenges than those members who are active in Ghana. While Antonio and Eric in particular are involved in the practical implementation of the construction in Ghana, we in Germany mainly take care of the structure of the association, the organization of the school construction and the donations.

Antonio and Eric have - unlike us - an education and many years of practical experience in what they do for the association. As young students, we ourselves do not yet have any training or completed studies that explicitly qualify us for the work in the association. We are clearly less experienced in our field of work than Antonio and Eric are. However, it is our daily motivation that drives us to give our best for the association at all times and to overcome challenges with great energy. The common vision of being able to open a school that will enable a better future for many students drives us every day anew to advance the association and the school construction. Since the founding of the association in 2019, we have been able to gather a lot of experience together, through which we have accumulated a lot of knowledge in different areas. This knowledge now helps us to be able to assess processes, avoid mistakes and organize the association. We are always open to criticism and suggestions, through which we can learn and improve. We learn by doing.

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