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Our Project

The project is located in the area of Hobor/Ghana, about two hours northwest of the capital Accra. In this area, the children live spread out in small settlements and have no school to attend. The nearest school is either too far away or the families cannot afford the school fees. So there is often child labor instead of school education. Here you can learn more about the children and the situation in the Hobor area.


Our partner association Kinder Zentrum International manages the project on site, currently the school construction, later the operation of the school. The chairman, Antonio Freeman, had the vision to provide education for more children there, so the idea of this joint project was born. Through our commitment here, we want to support this important work in Ghana in the best possible way. Through Antonio we also got to know the small village Hobor, where he himself grew up. Here you can read more about our story and how it came about. 


Our common goal is the construction and operation of a school for about 200 children. From the donations already collected, our partner association "Kinder Zentrum International" was able to buy the land and start building three classrooms, which has now been completed! Antonio Freeman, who is currently leading the further construction on site together with the project manager Eric Anthony, will later become the director of the school. In addition, there will initially be a headmaster and three additional teachers. Initially, we will start with three classes, each with about 20 children aged 4-7. Later, we want to expand the school and thus gradually make schooling possible for more children.


Before opening the school, we want to equip it with clean water and sanitary facilities, as well as provide electricity. This is not available to most families at home. We also want to provide a hot lunch for the children during the lunch break. For the maintenance of the school we will arrange sponsorships, which will support the monthly school financing

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School Construction

what we have already achieved 

July 2022


2021- May 2022

September 2022


Januar 2023 - aktuell 


School Building

Completion of the first three classrooms

2021- May 2022

Our partner association has found a suitable plot of land with an area of 1300 sqm. This we could buy after some difficulties due to the Corona situation in May 2020.


After comparing different offers and purchasing the necessary materials, workers could be commissioned in September 2020 and construction of the foundation could begin.

January 2021


February 2021 the walls were completed.

March 2021

In April 2021, the construction of the roof could begin.

June 2021


August 2021


The concrete of the roof was poured. Together with Antonio, we decided on a concrete roof, because it will remain stable in the long term and so we have the possibility to build a second floor in the future.

Work on the electrical system, September 2021


October 2021

Work on the facade and floor of the building, November 2021


December 2021


February 2022


March 2022


April 2022


May 2022, completion of the three classrooms


Water Connection

Construction of an electrically operated well

July 2022


Wall Around The School Grounds

To mark the plot and for the safety of the students.

September 2022


Sanitary Facilities

are currently being built

Januar- Mai 2023


How To Continue


The construction of the three classrooms could now be completed! Now follows the equipment with clean water, a wall around the site, the power supply and the construction of sanitary facilities and an office room. As soon as these are finished, we can open the school. If financially possible, more classrooms will be added.


For the basic equipment of the school, desks, chairs, blackboards and materials for teaching must be purchased, such as exercise books, textbooks and pens. In addition, the operation of the school and thus the payment of teachers and other upcoming costs should be ensured.


In order to secure the monthly school financing, we want to arrange sponsorships. With the amount of 20€ per month, a child can be given the opportunity to go to school. This includes lunch and materials. Experience here more about our concept of sponsorships.

Are you interested in supporting us in these projects? There are many ways to actively help us.

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