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Our non-profit organization "Together for Ghana e.V." works in close partnership with the Ghanaian non-governmental organization "Kinder Zentrum International". Since we are officially registered together in Germany and in Ghana respectively, we can act optimally.


Antonio Freeman, the chairman of the Ghanaian association Kinder Zentrum International, manages the project on site together with Eric Anthony (project manager) and is in constant contact with us. We decide together on current concerns, such as financial expenditures and construction issues. Antonio sends us reports, receipts of expenditures and pictures of the construction progress. This ensures that every donation is used according to its purpose.


All members of our association work on a voluntary basis. Administrative costs, such as bank, transfer and website fees or advertising costs, are fully covered by the board. Thus, every donation is used exclusively for the project on site without any deductions. With notice of the tax office Hannover-Nord of 11.09.2020 the compliance with the statutory requirements according to §§ 51, 59, 60 and 61 AO was determined. The association is therefore entitled to issue donation receipts for donations and membership fees. The tax number of the corporation "Zusammen für Ghana e.V." is 25/207/22899. 


Detailed information on the origin and use of funds in 2021 can be found in the annual report 2021.


Transparency is important to us; our work should be comprehensible to the public as well as to donors. We have therefore joined the Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft ITZ and committed to making the following information available on our website.

This is how 100% of your donation goes to our project

Donation Account Ghana

Association "Kinder Zentrum International"


Wire transfer

Wire transfer

Donation receipt on request

Donation Account Germany

Association "Zusammen für Ghana e.V."

Donation Path


Our project
School in Hobor

Construction, equipment and maintenance of the school


Here you can view the registration documents of the association Zusammen für Ghana e.V. in Germany:
The documents of the Ghanaian association Kinder Zentrum International can also be viewed at any time upon request. Due to data protection we do not make them publicly available, but will send them to you if you are interested.
The corresponding documents: Statutes "Kinder Zentrum International", Social Welfare Certificate, Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate to Commence Business.
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