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Thanks for your

Our project is made possible by voluntary commitment. We are therefore very happy if you decide to cooperate with us. Because only together can we achieve our goals!

We thank you for your support:

Promotions from last year and current cooperations:

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All donations and membership fees are tax deductible  

With the notice of the tax office Hannover-Nord of 11.09.2020 the compliance with the statutory requirements according to §§ 51, 59, 60 and 61 AO was determined. The association is therefore entitled to issue donation receipts for donations and membership fees. The tax number of the corporation "Zusammen für Ghana e.V." is 25/207/22899. 

Partner school:
KGS Hemmingen

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From this year onwards, a partnership between the two schools is to be established. This was heralded within a project week of the KGS. There was a Ghana project, which revolved around our project and learning about the country. We will continue to present our school project to the students in the future, so that they can then initiate activities themselves. We are looking forward to the common ideas!

We are happy about the newly won partnership with KGS Hemmingen!

Impressions of the last fundraisers

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May 2023

6,800€ from the Pfadfinder Radolfzell

A huge thank you to the Pfadfinder Radolfzell tribe Impeesa for your great support!

We are fortunate to be this year's Scout Club annual event.  In this way, we were able to collect €6,800 in a charity run! We are very happy and would like to thank all participants and active people!

Here  you get even more impressions of the action of the club from Radolfzell.

October 2022

18.682€ from the Pfadfinder Eningen

The DPSG Eningen look for a charitable organization each year to collect donations for throughout the year. We are happy that these came to us in 2022! 

A fundraising bike race raised an incredible €17,182! We didn't even know how to say thank you... In October we were then allowed to receive the check in Eningen. Once again a huge thank you to all participants!

Here  you get even more impressions of the action of the club from Eningen.

Do you also have an idea?

Are you interested in supporting our association? There are many ways to actively help us.

Maybe the last fundraisers have inspired you and you also have a good idea? We are very happy about any kind of suggestions and look forward to present other companies, foundations, organizations or institutions that support us or with which we cooperate. 

Feel free to send us a message anytime! 

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