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Become a member

Join our team! You can decide whether you want to support us with the monthly membership fee alone and thus give us planning security or whether you want to actively participate in the association. We are very happy about every new member!


Antonio Freeman, Chairman of the Board "Kinder Zentrum International" & Hannah Janßen, Chairman of the Board "Zusammen für Ghana e.V.".


association members we are currently 


is the monthly membership fee


whether you want to actively participate or provide financial support


The members are the basis of our association. If you would like to support our goals, we would be happy about your membership!

Planning security through your membership

The monthly membership fee makes it much easier for us to plan the financing of our project. It allows us to calculate the funds better in advance. For example, it gives us a huge advantage in planning the monthly school funding after the school starts. Monthly donations thus secure the operation of the school. We are therefore very grateful for every new member of the association who continuously supports our work. The monthly membership fee is €5. Of course, we are also happy to receive higher amounts. The membership fees are tax-deductible, like all other donations. 

If you would like to support us without becoming a member, we would be happy to receive a monthly donation of your choice!

Help shape our association

If you are interested, you can actively volunteer with us and contribute your own ideas or take on specific tasks - for example, organize your own fundraiser! Currently, we are especially looking for support in the areas of fundraising/marketing or social media work. Please contact us!

How to become a member

The membership application can be downloaded here and printed if necessary. We ask you to send us the completed form by email or mail. You will then be notified by us and receive the membership certificate. It is best to set up a standing order for the monthly fee. We are very happy about your membership application and welcome you to our team! 

Zusammen für Ghana e.V.
Schnabelstr. 51
30459 Hannover

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