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Our Ghanaian Partner Association

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"Our goal is to reduce poverty and to establish lasting changes in the lives of the most vulnerable people in Ghana"

The project is managed by the Ghanaian association "Kinder Zentrum International" directly on site. At present, the association is managing the construction of the school in Hobor - in the future, it will run the school. Through our engagement in Germany we support this important work in Ghana in the best possible way.

Here you will find out how the joint project came about.

Kinder Zentrum International aim is to educate the uneducated ones, by constructing a new school building, a school toilet and self-sufficient water supply for the school, we want to reduce water-born diseases and thus absenteeism, and enable all children to attend school regularly and learn under appropriate circumstances.

The Project's objective was relevant given its alignment to the broader context, with the  efforts to enhance the skills base, hygenic standards, technology adoption and foundation for innovation in the country.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve our society to help it transform.

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Antonio Freeman, Eric Anthony

Directors of the ghanaian association

"For families in Ghana, sending children to school is a major financial effort. Most families cannot afford to send their children to school. They cannot afford the school fee, the books, or the school uniforms, which are mandatory in Ghana. One of the most powerful and enduring gifts we can leave the next generation of Ghanaians is sound education.

In Hobor, where most people live below the poverty line, children especially girls and women education take the back seat. Poverty, underdevelopment, mass illiteracy, ignorance, urban backwardness and conservatism cause a majority of children in Hobor to be deprived of their basic right to education.  Limited access to education means many are stuck in a cycle of poverty.

Our goal is to reduce poverty and to establish lasting changes in the lives of the most vulnerable people in Ghana. In addition to the school building in the future, training courses for mothers and families will also be held here, as part of awareness and information campaigns (malaria prevention, infant and child mortality, maternal mortality , prevention of teenage pregnancies, hygiene)."

"Education is the key to an independent and self-determined life"

Ayekoo to everyone helping with this good course.

Best greetings from Ghana,

                The team

wall around the property

Introduction Antonio

water connection

Life most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others? 

So some of us have taking it up on ourself to be there for the less privilege in this part of our world we find ourself in, which is a developing country. We want to be here to support in our way that we can to relieve them from poverty. So it’s a honor and privilege to be part of this 

organization called "Zusammen für Ghana" to be here for the people and to support them in anyway we can to make this country great.

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