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Who We Are

We founded our association "Zusammen für Ghana e.V." in 2020 in Hannover. It consists largely of young students and now has 37 members. With our association we support the Ghanaian NGO "Kinder Zentrum International" in the construction of a school in the area of Hobor/Ghana. In close partnership we are working together towards the goal of providing education for disadvantaged children. Learn more about our history and how the cooperation came about.


Antonio Freeman, Chairman "Kinder Zentrum International" & Hannah Janßen, Chairwoman "Zusammen für Ghana e.V.".

Our work here mainly consists of fundraising and thus bringing attention to the project in Hobor also in Germany. At the same time, we are in almost daily exchange with the chairmen of "Kinder Zentrum International" in order to plan and coordinate the projects.

The concrete implementation is done by the Ghanaian side on site. At the moment, they are responsible for the construction of the school complex and the future operation of the school will also be managed by "Kinder Zentrum International". Through our commitment here, we want to support this important work in Ghana in the best possible way.

Learn more about the association Kinder Zentrum International.

Our Team


Zusammen für Ghana e.V.


Hannah Janßen
Chairwoman of the Board 


Aaron Hampe
2nd Chairman of the Board


Marc Meyerhoff
General Manager


Antonio Freeman
Chairman of the Board of Directors


Our association consists of interested people who carry out their activities on a voluntary basis. Of course, all other active members and supporters who are not shown here are also part of our team. Are you also interested in joining our association and/or becoming a member? Find out here what opportunities there are to get involved.

und noch einige mehr...

Life most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others? 

So some of us have taking it up on ourself to be there for the less privilege in this part of our world we find ourself in, which is a developing country.

Unsere Geschichte

Our History

& why we are doing this

As part of a voluntary service, me, Hannah Janßen, was in Ghana at the end of 2019. There I looked after children at a school in Kasoa, a town near Accra. However, despite general compulsory education in Ghana, I also witnessed that many children cannot go to school. On the countryside there is often no school within reach or the parents cannot afford the school fees and materials. This often leads to child labor and the affected families have no way to get out of this cycle.

Redeem and Shine Academy in Kasoa, September 2019


During my time in Ghana, I got to know a very dedicated teacher, Antonio Freeman. He currently teaches German and French at two schools in Kasoa, where he lives with his family. He has also been the 2nd Director (Headmaster) at one school, as well as the French Coordinator for the Kasoa area from 2009-2013. Antonio owes his profession to the generosity of his former principal, who financed his education. Today, from his salary as a teacher, he himself pays the school fees for two children whose parents cannot afford it. His goal, however, is to provide schooling and better living conditions for many more children.

learn more about Antonio Freeman

Antonio Freeman & Hannah Janßen, November 2019


Antonio Freeman & Hannah Janßen, Oktober 2021

It also became increasingly clear to me that I wanted to contribute to making a long-term difference in Ghana. So I shared Antonio's idea of building a school in the Hobor area, where the children live in small settlements and have no opportunity to attend school. Antonio founded the NGO "Kinder Zentrum International" in Ghana and we founded the association "Zusammen für Ghana e.V." in Hanover. With this we want to support the important work of the Ghanaian association in the best possible way and together reach our goal of running the school. After the opening of the school Antonio will be the director.

Eric Anthony, Februar 2022

In early 2022, we welcomed a valuable member- Eric Anthony is now officially a permanent part of our project.

I already got to know Eric in Ghana in 2019. He always accompanied the project attentively and we could rely on good advice from the beginning.

Now he is working as a project manager in Ghana. In the past, he worked in other non-profit organizations and thus has a lot of practical experience. Through his assessments and advice, the processes and procedures in the construction of the school can be planned and implemented in the best possible way.

Are you interested in supporting our project? There are many ways to actively help us.

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