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Future Through Education

Education is the key to a self-determined life

For us it is a matter of course that our children attend school and get an education. In Ghana, many children cannot go to school because the families cannot afford it or there is no possibility locally.  Numerous families can neither afford the school fees, nor pay for books and the school uniform that is customary in Ghana. Instead, there is often child labor. Many adults can therefore neither read nor write and the children have no way to get out of this cycle. 

We have decided to support the Ghanaian association "Kinder Zentrum International" with the goal of building a school in the area of Hobor and are now working together in close partnership. In the area of Hobor the children live distributed in small settlements and have no possibility to go to school. The first three classrooms have already been completed. Currently, our partner association is working on the water supply and sanitary facilities. Both are not available to most families at home. By building a school in this region, we can give many children access to education.

seit Oktober 23 findet nun erster Unterricht mit insgesamt 60 Kindern statt


Ein großer Meilenstein ist geschafft:

Eröffnung der Schule!


Every donation arrives directly on site without deductions, all administrative costs are covered by the board.

Learn more about the cooperation of our two associations here.


Together with our Ghanaian partner association we are building a school in the area of Hobor, the first three classrooms could now be completed! Read more about the progress of the school construction here.


Currently, our partner association "Kinder Zentrum International" is working on a fence around the school grounds, the water supply and the sanitary facilities. Learn more about current concerns on site here and here.

Unseren Verein "Zusammen für Ghana e.V." gründeten wir im Jahr 2020 in Hannover. Mit diesem unterstützen wir die ghanaische NGO "Kinder Zentrum International" beim Bau einer Schule in der Umgebung von Hobor/ Ghana. In enger Partnerschaft arbeiten wir so gemeinsam an dem Ziel, benachteiligten Kindern Bildung zu ermöglichen. So ist es zu unserer Zusammenarbeit gekommen:


Antonio Freeman, Chairman "Kinder Zentrum International" & Hannah Janßen, Chairwoman "Zusammen für Ghana e.V.".

Our work here mainly consists of fundraising and thus bringing attention to the project in Hobor also in Germany. At the same time, we are in almost daily exchange with the chairmen of "Kinder Zentrum International" in order to plan and coordinate the projects.

The concrete implementation is done by the Ghanaian side on site. At the moment, they are responsible for the construction of the school complex and the future operation of the school will also be managed by "Kinder Zentrum International". Through our commitment here, we want to support this important work in Ghana in the best possible way.

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Weitere Eindrücke aus Hobor

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